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        About our Lenses:

        FISK 380-G – Our polarized real mineral glass lens material provides the best optical quality available and is thinner and lighter than what most people believe possible with glass lenses. These are virtually scratch and abrasion proof, all while maintaining the best clarity and comfort of any lens made. These lenses cut glare and haze, block UV and let you see deeper into the water.
        FISK 380-N 
        - This polarized Nylon/Polyamide material is our most advanced lens material that features clarity and visual quality nearly as clear as mineral glass with just one-third of the weight but more impact resistant than glass.
        FISK 400-T  -  TAC polarized lenses block 100% of UV light, the 7-layer lens technology offer better visual quality than Polycarbonate, ultra-lightweight and excellent scratch and shatter resistance.

        Sunglasses Warranty

        Fisk Outdoor Gear “We’ve Got You Covered’ Lifetime Warranty

        We are so confident in the quality of our Polarized Fishing Sunglasses; we cover each one with a Lifetime Warranty. We will repair or replace any damaged frame or scratched lenses with the same or similar product of equivalent value, even if you lose them!

        Accidental Damage Protection

        We understand that bad things happen to good people. It is inevitable that you may scratch a lens or sit on a frame or leave your favorite pair of sunglasses at the pool bar (this actually happened to our founder at a pool bar at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas!).  This is exactly why we include accidental damage protection that covers accidental breakage, scratched lens replacement protection and warranty against lost or stolen glasses.  We don’t care if they get sat on, chewed up by your dog, run over by a Fed Ex truck, blown up or get knocked off your head while you are landing a 10 lb. largemouth.  Our #1 goal is to offer the best warranty in the world on your polarized fishing sunglasses.  Period! 

        What Items Are Not Covered?

        The “We’ve Got You Covered” program does not cover prescription eyewear, specialty or limited-edition models, signature series models, accessories, cases, or products received through promotions or giveaways.  Items purchased from re-sellers or unauthorized retailers are not covered by this program.

        Is there a limit on the number of replacements under the “We’ve Got You Covered” Program?

        While we believe most people are honest and will not abuse these types of programs, we also believe for the long-term protection of our business we must limit the number of complete replacements under this program.  You may only obtain two replacements of the same item purchased.   If your frame is discontinued or sold out, you will be offered another reasonably similar style as identified by Fisk Outdoor Gear staff. 

        • Proof of purchase may be required for replacement on unit or lens replacement. You may also be asked to provide photographs of the damage to your item.
        • A processing fee of $19.99 in the US is required for all replacements. We will provide you with a quote for international purchases based on location and duties and taxes may apply depending on your location.

        How to apply for a Refund

        Please visit our warranty page here and fill out our the form and we'll make it right!  For further questions regarding your claim or if you just want to make an argument for replacement, call us at 270-223-7062 and let’s discuss.  We truly want you to be happy, we love talking to our customers and we love a good story!

        Mineral Glass Lens Warning
        Proper selection and use of eyewear is critical to your eye safety. If your occupation, sports, or other activities expose you to the risk of flying objects or physical impact, your eye safety may require the use of special spectacle lens materials. For tasks which require impact protection, polycarbonate, nylon, tac or similar impact resistant lenses should be used. For situations when optical clarity is most important, our 380-G glass lenses deliver the highest optical clarity of all our lens materials, with the added benefit of their natural tendency to resist scratches. As they are glass, they are less impact resistance in comparison to some of our other lens materials like 380-N (Nylon Lenses) or 380-T (Triacetate Celluloses Lenses) we do not recommend glass lenses for impact-prone activities.  For sports or activities that require impact protection, we recommend Fisk 380-N lenses for the best of both worlds, scratch resistant and more impact resistant!