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        Why Nylon Lenses?

        Why Nylon Lenses?


        Who makes the best polarized fishing sunglasses?  Great question.  We think you need to start with, “What is the best lens material for polarized fishing sunglasses?”  We’ll, we have the answer!  Have you ever heard of Nylon Lenses? Nylon is a transparent material technically known as Polyamide and developed by Dupont in the 1930’s. It is a super UV-resistant, transparent, light weight crystal material. The most notable feature is its excellent resistance to stress cracking and excellent chemical resistance.  It’s by far the best choice for high end polarized sunglasses and the closest thing you will find to real mineral glass from an optical quality perspective.  And no one does nylon lenses better than a company called Zeiss!  That’s why Fisk Outdoor Gear chose Carl Zeiss lenses for their new Lago model frame made in Northern Italy.


        Zeiss Nylon is hands down the best overall materials for making sunglass lenses! The lenses made of this low specific gravity material are super light, which is also very suitable for high performance sports sunglasses. Also, the super high clarity comes from the high abbe value and helps you to provide functional sports sunglasses for sports like baseball, soccer, biking, tennis, golf, etc.

        They can be used for injection molded frames, like TR-90, rimless or acetate frames. Available in solid and gradient colors, mirror coating and Zeiss Ripel coating to keep fingerprints and moisture at bay.

        The other advantages of Nylon lenses:

        1. Light Weight: About only one tenth of the weight of the same volume of glass lenses and half of the traditional resin lenses.
        2. Durable/Flexible: Impact resistance. A very safety lens. Thanks to their flexibility, Nylon lenses will guarantee you good resistance to impacts.  Carl Zeiss anti-scratch, oleophobic, and hydrophobic lenses with Rip-El technology will guarantee you total safety and maximum comfort.
        3. Environmentally Friendly: It can be recycled because it’s a thermoset material.
        4. Anti-scratch:  Very durable and the coatings made these harder to scratch than CR-39 or Polycarbonate lenses with good impact protection.

        5.Best optical performance.  Nylon lenses have a 70% better optical quality than Polycarbonate lenses and have an abbe value almost equal to real glasses lenses, which means near perfect optical quality. 


        So, to recap, why use Nylon lenses?  Nylon offers enhanced clarity, lighter weight and better environmental credentials than polycarbonate. The one measure on which Nylon is eclipsed by polycarbonate is impact resistance, but marginally so.  Super-lightweight lens material with a weight 70% less than glass lenses. 

        The Abbe value, a measure of optical clarity, is 52 compared to 30 for Polycarbonate lenses ( glass is 58 and the highest) makes Nylon an excellent choice for your go-to, everyday fishing sunglasses.


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